The leaves are gone, the temperature is dipping and the days are getting shorter and shorter. Some people embrace the change of season by pulling out chunky sweaters, while others prefer to head south and enjoy the beach. Either way, winter means change.  We do fall cleaning, close down the garden, pull out the winter clothes and switch over to those winter tires, but have you ever thought of changing your supplements?  It may sound a little silly, but it makes sense if you think about it. The seasons are changing and our bodies need be ready for it!

So first things first, vitamin D!  If you weren’t taking it in the summer it’s time to pull that bad boy out and start taking it daily.  Vitamin D, often called the sunshine vitamin, is more like a hormone.  It is used in many functions of the body from bone health, nervous system health, anxiety and depression and yes immune health.    Even though the sun is actually closer to us in the winter (crazy I know) we just don’t get enough vitamin D.  I would suggest about 4000IU a day.  You can go higher if you suffer from the winter blues, but that’s a good start. Taking it in liquid form is easy; most liquid vitamin d supplements are 1000IU per drop, so it’s just 4 drops a day. If you insist on pill form, go soft gels. Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin, so it needs fat to help it to absorb probably and soft gels usually add plant oils to help absorption.

With fall comes cold and flu season, so adding an immune booster to your roster is a good idea.  There are quite a few different immune products on the market, but one of my personal favourites is Ki by Martin & Pleasance.  This formula includes 5g of Astragalus, 3g of Shiitake Mushrooms and 2g of Olive Leaf extract.  It is a great combination that will not only boost your immune system, but it will also increase your white blood cell count, improve energy product, help your body handle stress better and its antioxidants will help fight free radical damage.

Of course, there is food! Let’s be realistic, taking a few pills a day isn’t going to stop you from getting sick if you eat crappy food all day long.  Proper nutrition is the key to health.  Start by drinking water and lots of it! It makes sense really, we are after all about 60% water. It’s not like you fill up your car once with gas and never again; you fill it up when you get low. Water is the same thing; you need to constantly be drinking it to keep your engine running smoothly.

Sugar is another big one.  Studies show that sugar is so destructive that your immune system can be depressed within 30 minutes of consumption and it can last for up to 5 hours!  And that doesn’t include all the other negative effects of sugar. Bottom line, those sugar filled Halls that you are taking for your sore throat aren’t going to help you, they are only going to make things worse.

Winter is coming no matter what, so we might as well embrace it.  These simple additions to your supplement regime can help you beat the winter blues and keep colds away long enough for you to enjoy the snow.  So, bundle up, get outside and have some fun this winter!

Do you have any other ideas for staying healthy this winter?  Let us know what supplements you take to keep that flu bug away!  Comment below and share with friend.

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