This tip is particularly useful for those with faster metabolism and a more challenging time gaining or maintaining weight. Use what I call the ‘Double Meal’ technique. This is how it works: if you are ever in a situation where you require to eat a large amount of food within a short amount of time; make a larger than normal meal for yourself and split it into two portions. Ideally stop eating when you start to become noticeably full or you can just eat one portion exactly. Now, wait anywhere between 20 to 35 minutes and do something really relaxing like: lay on the couch, read a (real) book, close your eyes, listen to music, go for a leisurely walk. By taking a break before getting stuffed and relaxing for a moment you’ll have room for more food on your second portion compared to as if you just stuffed your face full. It’s a great trick to use to optimize digestion when nutrition is a priority.

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