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I’ve been lucky to have some great mentors in my life thus far so today I want to share one of these mentors with you. Cory Holly is the founder The Cory Holly Institute (CHI) which is an online school that specializes in sports nutrition education world-wide. It is the only school of it’s kind and I can tell you that it is an unforgettable experience. It’s been quite awhile since I first met Cory but our initial conversation has sparked an on-going friendship that has taken many forms over the years. This article is a reflection of the personal mentorship I have received from Cory and carries with it some of the life lessons I have discovered under his guidance. For more information about Cory I encourage you to explore and also view his extended biography found here. Cory, thank you for everything.

We Are All Athletes

If you are alive then you my friend are an athlete! The very fact that you are alive is what qualifies you because life is very much like a sport! If you have ever played traditional sports then I am confident that you were exposed to some sort of athletic preparation. This preparation could take many forms such as exercising to improve your physical performance, strategizing with your team mates to beat the enemy team or simply practicing the skills to become a better player. The point I want to make here is this: the concept of athletic preparation can and should be directly applied to living life!

I believe fulfilling your athletic potential is absolutely synonymous with living your life to the fullest because to be your best in sport requires that you pursue excellence in all areas of your life (physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, etc.) It is the sum of all of these parts and the process that you undergo to achieve them that ultimately produces your performance in sport. In life it is absolutely no different; you will get out of life exactly what you put into it!  So from here on in I challenge you to see yourself as an athlete engaged in the sport of life and above all–be the best active participant you can be!

Philosophy Is Important

What is philosophy? Well the oxford dictionary defines philosophy as “the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline.” This is a great start but in my opinion the true meaning is in the word itself. Philosophy is originally derived from the Greek word ‘philosophia’. Philia’ means ‘love and friendship’ and ‘sophia’  means ‘wisdom’. Therefore we can loosely translate the world philosophy to “love of wisdom” . I suggest that in this poetically simplistic description lies its true value.

Philosophy is important to me because I personally love knowledge and wisdom. I see that all strong men and women hold the acquisition of knowledge and wisdom as a virtue. I also believe that the knowledge of your self is important above all else because it is clear that only men and women of the highest integrity can lay claim to understanding who they truly are. Yes, you will digest some bad knowledge but even the process of sorting through good and bad will yield more wisdom. As Bruce Lee says “Absorb what is useful, Discard what is not, Add what is uniquely your own” and as you add what is uniquely your own you will learn who YOU truly are.

“Health Is A Four Letter Word, Spelled W O R K”

Health certainly does not happen by accident. Maintaining your health and well-being day in and day out is absolutely hard work that requires dedication, persistence and belief. By personally striving for health (often above all else) I have learned one of the most important principles to success: work your ass off. I want to be clear by saying that this principle is simply not up for discussion. It is either a YES or NO answer; are you doing the work or not? This applies to everything in life and if you’re not doing the work then you better get your ass moving because no one else will do it for you. I’ll let Arnold Schwarzenegger do the rest of the talking here: “You never want to fail because you didn’t work hard enough.”


I recently got a chance to ask Cory what his underlying driving force was behind his passion. I trust his response will leave you feeling inspired:

“What drives a fish to spawn, a bird to migrate? I am compelled by the same mysterious force within my being. Always have. Always will. I seek not to change but to be changed. I seek not to correct others but to correct myself. I seek not to be understood but to understand. I do not seek power or money. I seek absolute oneness and peace with myself. I seek what I do not know I need for my own salvation. ” – Cory Holly

I highly encourage you to check out Cory Holly at His books and audio recordings are fantastic resources and will further your understanding of health and wellness. However, if you truly wish to further your understanding of health and be mentored by a living legend I encourage you to enroll in his Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor (CSNA) education program. It will be one of the best decisions you ever made for yourself!

Until next time friends!


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