We are just on our way to Park City, Utah, USA where we will be having a great time exploring a naturally beautiful part of the world. Of course, you can bet that I am going to make a pretty solid effort to keep myself healthy and keep myself fit while I’m traveling. This got me thinking that there are people out there that could really benefit from hearing about a couple things that I do to keep myself energized and feeling great while I’m on the road. So enough with the small talk, let’s get into it!

Bring a mini size blender and container of protein powder with you

I have a secret ancient formula for you – I was once shown this formula by a great wise man, he knew the secrets of health beyond what most have ever imagined. The formula is simple and powerful, yet when you see it I guarantee that you as well, knew this secret formula deep inside of you once before.

“Blender + High Quality Protein Powder + Delicious Ingredients = Awesome Healthy Smoothie!”

Ah ha! The equation works! I knew it all along. And YES! It’s really that easy!

Just get a mini blender and fill a small container with some protein powder, or bring the actual tub in your luggage itself so the customs agents won’t ask questions! You’ll be able to supply your body with much needed protein at a fraction of the cost of a meal and when you travel everyone knows that eating well and finding sources of good food is high on the priority list. This makes travel much more enjoyable and you feel less stressed out as you might have otherwise since you don’t have to think as much about food AND you know it’s good for you.

Here’s a quick, dirty, 100% repeatable and successful protein smoothie recipe

1 – 2 Scoops High Quality Whey Protein (Any flavour)
1 ½ cup water
4 – 6 ice cubes
1 cup blueberries
½ avocado
1 tbsp flax seed oil

Sleep Mask

You know when you’re trying to fall asleep and for some reason you just can’t?! You still feel totally awake, your mind is still going 100 miles an hour, your heart rate is probably a little fast and you feel like you can’t quite settle down? Well, next time that happens to you pay attention to whether or not there are any sources of light in your room that are preventing your room from becoming pitch black. I bet you there’s a correlation!

I can’t tell you how many places I’ve been where the room or placing I was staying had all sorts of light coming in and that I found it extremely interrupted my ability to fall and stay asleep. In fact, there is was only one time out of many I got a completely pitch black room to sleep in and it was a real treat! Your body is actually built to respond to light and darkness. The easiest time for someone to feel and recognize this fact is over the course of all the seasons changing from spring, summer, fall and winter. You see, I guarantee you feel more awake and sleep less during the spring and summer months because of the additional daylight and exposure to light you get. And I guarantee, especially if you live up north, you sleep more and experience higher “feelings” of fatigue in the winter time. Even more so on a crappy day! That just shows you how strong of an impact light has on our bodies.

The sleep mask comes in as a last ditch effort to help you sleep better in the presence of sub optimal light conditions. Yeah, so what if there is some light coming into the room. But if it’s going right into your eyes then that is a problem! The very bottom line here is that SLEEP IS IMPORTANT. And we should everything we can to make our sleep better WHEN WE ARE TRAVELING AND WHEN WE ARE NOT!

Keep it Light!

Take this one as a mantra, “Keep It Light!”

Let this be an overwhelming theme in your travels; an attitude if you will. Before you even embark on your adventure make an effort to Keep It Light!

So just what do I mean? Let’s start with your luggage! Do you really need to bring the whole closet with you?! Just bring what you really think you’ll need! The stress of packing and preparation for the trip itself can be cut right down if we keep the stuff we bring to the essentials. Plus, it will be even that much easier when you are ready to leave because there is less “stuff” to keep track of on your way back.

Now don’t just keep your luggage light! Keep yourself light too! The body always begins to relax through the muscles! One of the best ways I have found to start (and end) the day is by stretching, especially when you’re on the road and enduring long flights or drives. We are often our stiffest in the morning and this is usually compounded from travel so take the time in the morning to engage your body in movement. It is something so simple but will immediately change your mentality and the way you feel for the better. Keep it light man!

Hey, do you really need to eat all that? Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you need to eat the food AND the whole country too! C’mon, you know how heavy it feels in your belly after you stuff your face! Don’t you think that’ll slow you down?! Are you the type of person who suddenly gives yourself permission to stuff your face just because “you’re on vacation?” I can understand the experience of different cultures and food, but I can’t understand the logic behind sabotaging behavior like over eating! And the people that do this aren’t just the ol’ regular night time closet eaters back at home! If you catch yourself going a bit too far with your food just remember the mantra: Keep it light!

Less is more sometimes – find ways to Keep It Light!

And finally my last tip – like a broken record – Hydration!

One tiny little thing that will make a huge difference on your trip is if you can give water the same kind of priority that you would give your food.

When you are on vacation the question of what are you going to eat becomes very important! I’m asking you to place the same importance on the question ,”Where do we get good quality water?” It’s in your best interest to answer that question for yourself everyday because dehydration can slowly cripple your body and mind! The alcohol, the late nights, the long drives, the weather! All of these things will lead your body to dry up like an old dusty raisin if you don’t do something about it.

Let me tell you a short story: I remember when I was about 9 years old I went for a trip with my Aunt, uncle and cousins. We drove all along the West Coast from British Columbia right down to San Diego, California. I’ll never forget the drive itself over thousands of miles of different landscapes and terrain. The smell of fields of tomatoes and produce and I even remember watching the planes fly over the crops, spraying them with all sorts of crap! At one point we took a pit stop because I had to pee so bad. I had been holding it for hours and I couldn’t take it any longer. When I did I noticed the color was incredibly yellow and dark. There was even a smell! I returned back to the car and asked everyone why my pee was sooo yellow! After all I was 9 years old and curious! Well one of my cousins, who is now an MD, had something to say, “You haven’t drank enough water! You are dehydrated! You could get SICK!” She would go on to tell me that I should drink enough water to make my pee clear. My 9 year old self never forgot that little conversation we had and started drinking more water from that day forward.

These little things can often make a huge difference when we travel and traveling is all about creating an adventure for yourself, experiencing new cultures, visiting family and meeting new people! We need to keep ourselves just as organized as anything else when we are on the road and making that kind of effort will impact every moment of your trip! After the REAL vehicle of the trip is your body and mind!

Safe travels!


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